About Us

We are a young and dynamic freight forwarding company focused on moving goods across borders, adapt to developments in international trade to support and help your business grow. Norman Alice International Freight Forwarding (NAIFF) prides itself on offering logistical solutions through road, rail, sea and air freight. We are also experts in customs clearing, courier services among others. We were founded out of a desire for fast logistical solutions that keep pace with the changing economic and regulatory conditions worldwide. Our dynamic team quickly caught the eye of established regional and international logistics firms who have partnered with us to build a far-reaching network. NAIFF’s approach is to build an in-depth understanding of the business and cultural climate of the countries and regions we focus on ensuring we can provide unparalleled integration with their local businesses and build the right relationships for our clients. We support businesses trading across the globe, with a special focus on UAE, South Africa and China. As key production and shipping points for the bulk of goods traded with Zimbabwe, we pay special mention to these countries and our partners there. One such partner is FET Logistics in China who has years of experience in the freight and forwarding industry, working with various manufacturers and retailers. Our dedicated team has a combined 9 years’ experience providing services in the industry. We also draw on the experiences of one of our founders, who has for years been a freight and forwarding client to guide us in always understanding the evolving needs of our clients and ensuring our suite of services provides them with what they need.


Our Mission

To be the Best, Leading, most Efficient and most Reliable supporter of growth for international business clients.

Our Vision

To provide Reliable, Fast and Cost Efficient services in line with the ever-changing freight trends. To gain Confidence and Trust with our valued clients by understanding and always being guided by their needs as well as conducting business with complete Honesty and Integrity.

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